My Progress    


I have played with numerous paint schemes over the years that I have been working on the plane but never could find one that I liked.  I tried a number of similar designs but finally hit on the following after receiving my prop from Catto Propellors.  The prop tip just flowed into the same lines and I redrew the paint scheme as shown.  I know that I will have to refine it some as it is applied to the plane but I hope to be able to basics of the design intact.

The plane was in storage for over three years but has  recently been moved to a hangar in Lancaster Tx.  I don't have the time or the money right now to make any substantial progress on it but I have started doing a little when time permits.  My new workshop is shown below.  Not real big but I can work on the wings and transportable parts while the rest is in the hangar.

 Main problem now is that the hangar is more than a hours drive from home.  The electrical power service to the hangar consists of a single outlet and there is no water available.  Other than that, the hangars are clean, have paved floors, and are very large.

Progress, no matter how slow is progress and I am finally making some progress.  One wing is closed, sealed, wired, wing tip installed, sanded and primed.  Some of the steps are detailed in the wing section.  The process is slow in the confined space of my workshop.  I barely have room to get around the wing when it is laid flat for working on it.  One end is against the shelves at the end of the room and there is just enough room to get around the other end since the wingtips were added.

It has taken far more hours than I would have ever believed but the firewall is finally comming together.  I think it is just about complete and ready to remount the engine and start the wiring.  I decided to utilize two heater control boxes on the exterior and position them to disperse the heat at the pilots or copilots feet and under the floor board.  This is similar to how the heaters work on cars.  The problem issue turned out to be how to convert the pull for heat that I wanted for the control cable when the control box needed a push to open.  I also didn't want the cables running all over the place behind the firewall.  The solution turned out, like most custom changes, to take much more time than I ever thought it would.  The end result can be seen in the photo.  The idea was simple and in the end it works exactly as I had planned but it took four attempts before I finally got the correct setup.  It converts the pulling action of the controls a push to open the air box control.  There is also a third air control at the top which will control heated air input for the defroster.  All three will work the same way.

Kit Delivery -

Fuselage Delivery and Unloading
Wing Delivery and Unloading
Engine - Arrival and Unloading
Fuselage -
Fuselage Shell and Components
Fuselage Firewall & Braces
Fuselage - Misc.
Landing Gear  
Retractable Steps
Controls -
Rudder Pedals
Rudder Pedals Final
Cable Guide / Retractable Step Holder
Center Control Stick
Flight Controls
Doors & Windows
Doors - Initial Preparation
Doors - Window Install
Door Latch 1
Door Latch 2
Outer Skin Install
Arm Rest Construction
Door Handle
Hinge Installation
Wings -
Wings - Introduction
Constructing the Wing Jig
Assembly of Main Spar
Assembly of Wing Spars
Preparing Wing Ribs
Installing Ribs & Spar
Pre-Close Interior Details
Wing Closeout #1
Wing Closeout #2
Leak Testing
Wing Installation
Wing Finishing
Wing Tips
Preparing the Wing Tips
Installing Wing Tips
Landing Lights

Retractable Wing TieDowns
Wing Flaps
Wing Flaps - Part 1
Wing Flaps - Part 2
Wing Flaps - Part 3
Wing Ailerons
Ailerons - Part 1
Ailerons - Part 2
Ailerons - Part 3
Tail Feathers-
Vertical Stabilizer
Horz Stabilizer
Firewall Forward -
The Search for the right engine.
The Decision is made but no order yet!

Finally The Order is placed.
Firewall - Initial Preparation
Firewall - Where do you put everthing?
Engine Mounting - Initial fitting
Engine Mounting - Pressure Cowling

Custom Exhaust Fabfication
Propeller and Spinner
Instrument Panel -
Instruments Panel - The Plan?
Instrument Panel - Installation
Instrument Panel - Installation 2
Instrument Panel - Installation 3

Blue Mountain EFIS Components
My Panel - Components
Interior Details -

Pilot/Copilot Seats - Selection and Locating
Pilot/Copilot Seats - Mounting Rails

Pilot/Copilot Seats - Initial Seat Positioning

Pilot/Copilot Center Console
Covering Seats Front and Rear
Rear Seat - Seat Bulkhead
Rear Seat - Seat Back
Rear Seat - Seat Bottoms
Rear Seat - Console/Cup Holder

Rear Baggage Compartment
Overhead Console - Air Control
Pre-Assembly -
List of Pre-Assembly Steps
Setup for assembly
Angle of Incidence/Flaps
Wing Faring Fit
Wing Root Faring
Final Shots - Misc
Finishing -
Interior Finish Preparation
Tools and Jigs -
Tools & Jigs - Misc
Glass Cutting
Wing Construction Jig
Fuselage & Wing Turning Jig
Roll-Me-Over - Fuselage Turning Jig
Custom Modifications
 My Modifications
Tiedowns - Self_Retracting
Landing Gear Root Fairing
Arm Rest Construction