Covering Seats Front and Rear

The rear seats were built up from 3 layers of Temper Foam.  The general shape is the same as the front seats.

The Temper Foam comes in three densities.  The Green layer if the firmest, the Blue is a medium density, and the Pink is the softest.  All Three are fairly dense and feel rather stiff until you sit on it a few minutes.

The front seats were trimmed of most of the original foam.  The bottoms were cut down to the steel inner frames.  The back was also cut down to add in the Temper Foam.  The foam is glued into place and the initial shape is established using an electric knife.  Once the initial shape is done, I used 60grit sandpaper to complete the final shape before covering.  They look rather thick but once covered and set in place they are not so thick.  

The sides were trimmed down as well.

The final result?  

The photos do not do them justice.  They came out looking fantastic.  The dark color is a dark blue Ultra-Leather.  The light color is a blue gray Ultra-Suede.  The back of the front seat has a net pocket.  They are also quite comfortable.