Wing Flaps

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Part 3 - Extending the trailing edge of the flaps by 1/4 inch to align with Ailerons.

Sometimes, no matter how careful we are something doesn't work out exactly right.  I checked my measurements several times and I still can not determine why the trailing edge of the flaps on one side did not properly align with the ailerons.  Both Ailerons aligned almost perfectly with the wing tips and only required slight trim on the tips.  This flap was the exception.  
I realized this before closeout on the flap and inserted a strip of fiberglass between the trailing edges of the flaps.  This strip extended about 1/2 inch beyond the edge of the flaps.  I put the strip in to ensure that the finished tip would be consistant in thickness to the ailerons when trimmed.
I used a metal straight edge, covered with tape and clamped to the flap to form one side.  I then packed the gap between the straight edge and the insert.  After cure, the straight edge was remove, any gaps filled and the process was repeated for the other side.  After final cure, I sanded the fill to a consistant taper alway to the edge.  The final trim of the trailing edge was done during the preassembly.  

This worked great.

The extended edge was almost 1/2 inch wide.  I did not sand it down until I had mounted the wings, ailerons and flaps during the preassembly.  I then sanded the wing tip to match the edge of the aileron once everything was properly aligned.