Engine Delivery

Yeah, I know, it's just another delivery in what the neighbors will think is an endless stream of deliveries.  But this one is different.  This one represents a new phase of the construction process, a very expensive phase.  Whenever I see one of those great little sports cars go by and I give it one of those long looks, my wife simply says..."Yours is in that box in the garage."  Just one more step but a big one.
It was a good thing that I had a wheeled cart I could use since the driver didn't have anything to use for moving the box.  
I couldn't wait, I had to see what I had paid so much money for.  I am still a way from being ready to fire it up but it's good to have it ready for starting the installation.
This is just one of a set of manuals that came with the engine.  The FADEC system alone will take some reading to get up to speed.  Guess I now have something for those cold winter nights.  (? In Houston?)

Much more to come...