Wing Spars - Preparation and Installation

The KIS Cruiser Wing Spars consist of a Center Spar and individual Wing Spar's.  The Center Spar spans the width of the fuselage and extends close to two feet on either side of the fuselage.  The Wing Spars are each joined to the Center Spar by two large bolts.  


This shows all the spars (center and wing) with
the two parts of the wing spar shown.
Pre-bonding photo showing assembled wing and
center spars.
 The hard part is finished.
The worst part of preparing the spars was sand-
ing  & some grinding of the layers of glass from
the inside of the outter spar and from the
outside of the inner section.  As can be seen in
the photo, the inside was sanded down until the
carbon fiber was the top layer.  

The inner section was also trimmed to allow it
to only go two inches into the inner section.  It
was still a very tight fit.

The work surface (solid core door mounted to
my work bench) was flat and leveled.  I then
placed the spars on it and leveled them to the
work surface.  These photos show the spars
both clamped into place with the Hysol already
in place.  I am doing the final checks before
allowing the epoxy to setup.
Preparing to bond in the aluminum inserts into
all of the spar sections at one time.  The tape
is to keep the spars from sticking together
during this process.  I also purchased some
bolts from the local hardware store to use for
this operation so that no possible damage
could result to the actual nuts and bolts.

I moved this operation to my deck on a warm
(hot) clear day.  I placed the ends of the wing
spars and the main center spar on some
shelves (like shown) and leveled everything
out.  I streached a tight string between the
ends and measured to the center point to set
the angles.  A bit of grinding and twiching and
everything matched.  I let it sit overnight and
then disassembled.
Before the wing spar is bonded into the wings it is
best to angle the top edge of the inner spar mount
to clear the fuselage during installation.
The boxed section of the wing spar extends
for about half the length of the wing spar.  The
outer portion will require spacer blocks to be
constructed to fill the space for the wing rib.
The spacer is constructed from the supplied
foam andcovered with two layers of glass.  
The blue foam was not thick enough so I also
used some of the white foam as a spacer.