Main Wing Spar - Preparation and Installation

The KIS Cruiser Wing Spars consist of a Center Spar and individual Wing Spar's.  The Center Spar spans the width of the fuselage and extends close to two feet on either side of the fuselage.  The Wing Spars are each joined to the Center Spar by two large bolts.  

(Note:  If you get the quick build option on the fuselage the following operations are performed for you.)


The above shows the two sections
of the Center Spar before being joined.
The ends have been trimmed and the
holes for the mounting bolts cut. 
This shows the flange for the bolts.  A
substantial amount of sanding is needed
to the inside surfaces to get the two

pieces to fit together properly.
Checking the pre-assembled spar for
the correct assembled thickness.
Spar Clamped to work surface with
shims used to level and remove any
twist.  Level and check both ends.
Cutout in the fuselage to receive the
finished Center Spar.  The black
horizontal line indicates the top of
the spar position.  The opening is
required to be a bit larger to allow
the spar to slide into position.
The main spar show here is installed into
the fuselage.  I failed to take photos of
that installation process.  The spar must
be centered on the fuselage and leveled
while the fuselage is leveled.  The spar
is installed at a 3 degree angle to the belt
line of the fuselage.  Once positioned, it
is then bonded and glassed into place.

The final operations on the main and wing spars involve the bonding of the aluminum inserts into the main and wing spars.  These inserts must be bonded very carefully and help control the proper positioning of the wings.  This must be completed before the main spar can be installed in the fuselage.

Preparing to bond in the aluminum inserts into
all of the spar sections at one time.  The tape
is to keep the spars from sticking together
during this process.  I also purchased some
bolts from the local hardware store to use for
this operation so that no possible damage
could result to the actual nuts and bolts.

I moved this operation to my deck on a warm
(hot) clear day.  I placed the ends of the wing
spars and the main center spar on some
shelves (like shown) and leveled everything
out.  I streached a tight string between the
ends and measured to the center point to set
the angles.  A bit of grinding and twiching and
everything matched.  I let it sit overnight and
then disassembled.

NOTE:  I highly recommend the fastbuild option be used if at all possible.  This is a critical portion of the building process and a mistake here would be very costly.  I can only hope that I didn't make a mistake which would only show up at the final assembly stage.