Pre-Assembly Wing Install

I had originally hoped to perform the pre-assembly process over the Labor Day four day weekend.  It was a good plan but it proved to be only about half enough time to do all the steps involved.  As it turned out, it took four weekends before I could finish all of the pre-assembly steps.  (To be fair, we had a tropical storm that wasted one of those weekends.)  Before I explain all the reasons for the additional time, I have included my list of steps and the approximate order of their execution.  

And I had wanted to do all that by myself in one four day weekend with temperatures in the mid to upper 90's.  Well, I didn't make it but it was a worthy goal.  The one thing that I found was that one person working on this list along will take much longer than the combined time of two people working on it.  The problem is one of logistics.  When two people are working together, they can be in to places at one time and do not need to waste anywhere near as much time getting up and down and going back and forth.  As an example, I spent almost one full day trying to set the length of the push rods and check for the proper movement of the ailerons.  Two people could have accomplished the same task in probably no more than an hour or two.  The same can be said for almost all of the critical adjustments needed for the pre-assembly operations.

Some of the specific problems I encountered during the pre-assembly process were:

It is very possible for a single individual to perform all the tasks necessary to accomplish the preassembly and the ultimate final assembly.  It is a daunting task but with planning and time, it will prove doable.