Rudder Pedals - Something Different

Rudder Controls

Floorboard with hard points for mounting rudder pedals.

Top view of floorboard showing anchor screw mounts.

There is an old saying about "Measure twice, Cut Once!".  I can testify to the validity of that statement.  When I first cut the floorboard ,I read the instructions, marked and cut the described shape and tried to fit it into place.  It was one full inch to narrow for the area.  I went back and read the instructions and checked the deminsions against the cut I had made.  Oh no, I miss measured and blew it.  The choice was to try and cut another part, correctly this time or make the current part fit.  I couldn't find another area in the remaining glass panels but none were large enough to get another piece of the required size.  The only option was to make do with the part I had.

Bottom fiew of floorboard showing anchor screw mounts.

Floorboard installed with rudder controls and custom pedals.

I  decided that since I had to put in hard points anyway, I would use a piece of plywood to widen the piece and provide the center hard points at the same time.  I cut the panel down the middle, cleaned out the area between the glass and installed a plywood panel large enough to widen the piece by a little over an inch.  I glassed over the top and bottom with a two ply bid.  I added the additional hard points and installed the anchor nuts.  Additional holes for the rudder mounting brackets shown in the photo are to allow the option of moving the pedals forward about an inch.

I also fabricated new rudder pedals from lengths of 3" by 2" aluminum angle and 1" by 1" angle.  These were cut and shapped to the desired size and riveted together.  The holes are for reducing the weight.  I will be having the steel framework chromed before final installation.


I tried out the first set of rudder pedals shown above and didn't like lack of a positive feedback when on the brakes.  I saw the above Plastic Pedal in the Aircraft Spruce Catalog and decided to give them a try.  I fabricated my own backer plate and mounting from simple flat and angle aluminum.  These are a lot heavier that those provided with the kit but I feel much better about them and how they will holdup over time and use.  Note that the mount for the brake cylinder is a double bracket with a brass bushing.  I feel that this will prevent the eventual twisting and wearing out of the mounts.  They have a nice solid feel, are easy to work with those big shoes, and look good too.