Pilot / Co-Pilot Center Console

The following are the initial construction photos for the Center Console.  More will follow as I add the cover for the control stick and the console below the instrument panel.  Check back for more progress.
The center console is being constructed to be removable to allow access to all the controls.  A nice storage compartment is provided below a hinged top.  A 1/2 inch of Confor Foam will be added to the top to provide a comfortable arm rest.  I did some testing with the seats in place and the position should be right for resting the arm while using the center control stick.  (Hope!)  

I used 1/4 inch plywood to form the bulkhead required at the back of the front seat.  I used this to make the bulkhead stronger to compensate for removing more material than would have been removed for the normal seat back.  I added a bith of 1/4 inch foam to the back of the plywood and glassed over the combination.  This formed a very strong edge just in case people use the bulkhead as a step when getting in and out of the rear seat.  (They Will Too!)

The center console continues to take shape.  It has been extended to meet the instrument panel extension.  I added sides to allow something (like a pen) to be laid on the console without having it roll off.  The opening has been made for the center stick and provision made for installing the leather boot for the control stick.  I also added some internal guides to help the lid close correctly.  It has been sanded and is ready to start the finish work.  I still need to locate the fuel control valve and add some Woor Burl Trim.