Back Seat & Baggage Area

Seat Bottoms

The rear seat bottoms are just two pieces of 1/4" aircraft plywood cut to the proper shape and size. I use a two ply covering of glass on the front and back of the plywood. I then placed the two balsa wood bracing strips on the bottom of each side and covered with a two ply bid. The lightening holes are cut using 2 1/2 inch and 2 inch hole saws. (Those little holes come in handy for hard points elsewhere.) A Piano hinge is used at the back for mounting and lock catches will be added to the center front. The result is light weight, strong and requires no side flanges on the inside of the fuselage to support the weight.  

The cross brace over the landing gear was extended up about two inches with a plywood and balsa wood brace/flange for the front of the seat to rest on.  This was glassed over and the locking mechanism for holding the seat bottoms down will be placed in it.  The hinge for the rear of the seat bottom was also raised about two inches to maintain the same angle for the seat bottom.  

The result should be a seat that is high enough to make it comfortable for most adults without causing problems with head room.  A very nice sized area is available under both seats for storage of valuables under lock and key.  The full rear seat will fold forward for access to the luggage area.  One additional modification which is not easily seen is the center console section is removable to provide access to the flap control connections.