Pre-Assembly Wing Install

Part 3 Wing Fairing Fit
To keep the fairing from fitting too tight and making subsequent installation and/or removal of the wing a real problem, I put three layers of duct tap over the wing joggle.  This should provide enough spacing to allow a small clearance that can be covered by a gap seal.  

You can also see the line I used for placement of the angle of incidence jig.

I found it best to position the lower fairing in position setting on the edge of the flap and taped under the fuselage.  
I don't know how I could have done this without duct tape.  I was just sticky enough to hold the pieces in place if you could find enough hands to hold the parts and tape at the same time.  The tape did allow for placement and removal and adjustment as needed.  Once the position is determined I installed screws to hold it inposition.  
The Right wing fairing is in position and and I've started to install the screws that will both hold it in position during bonding and clamp it against the fuselage for bonding.
Part of the trial fit of the wing fairing is fit the fairing to the trailing edge through the length of the wing.  The trailing edge should be even along the entire edge when the flaps are fully retracted and the aileron is in the neutral position.  

All the gaps, 1/16" between ailerons, wing tip and flaps, were very consistant and the fit was great. The space between the wing and flaps is tight but non-binding.  I do wish I had reduced the hinge gap from 1/8 inch to 1/16".   

The screws next to the flap are needed to hold the bottom and top of the fairing together.  I will lower the flaps during the bonding and use a 1/2 wood strip on the underside to screw into.  This should help hold a constant pressure on the entire length.
During the trial fit up I found that the aileron was just slightly high and that one flap was slightly low.  I made note on the wing to add a one ply bid under the hinge to act as a shim and effectively lower the aileron.

One aditional note:  I used a longer hinge than called for in the builders manual and placed the screw holes at the strongest portion of the hinge every inch.  That's more screws and they don't line up.  I will countersink the screws , bond them in place and fill the holes.  I use removable hinge pins for removing the ailerons and flaps.