KIS TR-1 Builders Manual

This version of the KIS TR-1 Builders manual is NOT the official builders manual.  This is a builder maintained version and has not been reviewed or approved by TRI-R Technologies.  

To all builders:  I have not done anything with this manual except convert to PDF format for your viewing.  I will be attempting to update the manual and add illustrations and photos as time permits.  Since I am not building the TR-1 myself, I will be relying on other builders to supply both updates and photos for this manual.  If you can help with the updates for this manual, PLEASE do so.  

Thank You,

Bob Reed

NOTE:  You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to view these files.  

Builders Manual - Title Page
Builders Manual Introduction
TR-1 Technical Specifications
Workshop, Tools and Equipment
Horizontal Stabilizer and Elevator
Fuselage Assembly - Section 1
Fuselage Assembly - Section 2
Fuselage Assembly - Section 3
Fuselage Assembly - Section 4
Rudder Assembly
Construction of the Wing
Ailerons and Flaps
Airframe Assembly Supplement
Firewall Forward
Instrumentation and Electrical
Finish and Upholstery
Weight and Balance
Cockpit Procedures
Licensing and Testing