KIS Cruiser Photos

This is a collection of photos of the KIS Cruiser 4-place which I have collected from many different locations.  At this time, I do not have all the details regarding these planes and their builders.  I will try to obtain the information and caption the photos as time permits.  If you have any details regarding these photos please contact me and I will update or remove as appropriate.  Thank You and Enjoy!  

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Bill Schertz Completion Photos
Ken Clarke's Cruiser
Lyc 360 3 blade CS prop

Jerzy Krasinsky TR4 Completion

Bob Anderson Completion Photos

Ray Clegg
Completion Photos

Something Special
Oshkosh 2003 Photos -1
Oshkosh 2003 Photos -2

The proud owner and builder.

Dave Tate
TR-4 #4052
Completion Photos

First Flight Dec. 3, 2001

Marco Tassi

TR-4 #4033 Builder in Italy

Ed Nickols

at Sun-N-Fun 2001

John Petre -

TR-4 Builder in South Africa

John is back in the air again after a long
rebuild.  Photos will be coming soon.
Some updates are have been added
to this section.  Check them out.

Rudy Rebel

is the owner of ZU-KIS and

Ian Burnham is the builder.

Laurie Tuff's ZK-TUF

KIS Cruiser
- 3/18/2000

Bill Grote's - Super Cruiser

Continental IO-360 power.

KIS Builder

in New Zeland

Bob Croft

Lycoming IO-360 Powered

Original Factory Prototype

KIS Cruiser

Wayne Gifford

with the first builder completed

KIS Cruiser.  

Glen Westphal - El Paso

N211NB KIS Cruiser

E-Bay Photos (Borrowed)

Door Damage