KIS Cruiser Completion Photos

Marco Tassi - TR-4 #4033 Builder in Italy

Dear Kisbuilders,

here I am, happy and proud to show you the first four places own-built plane in Italy.

It has been extraordinary for me to be able to built it on average with American standards time, since here in Italy the average building time exceeds 7 years…

I took off for the first time few days ago, and today, after the third flight I verified the good functioning of flaps at slow speed and during landing.

In these days performance are a bit limited due to hot air temperature (80F). However I've already achieved satisfactory results.

The engine is a Lycoming IO 320 B1-A coupled to a constant speed Hartsell: HC EZYL 2 BSF helix (160 hp at 2700 rpm).

On the nearby grass airstrip, with wheel fairing, I obtained the following results with the following conditions:

Elevation surface : 180ft
External temperature 81F
Humidity 70%
Atmospheric pressure 1015 mil.
Excursion c.g.42 inces
Only pilot (176lbs)
40 lt fuel (63lbs)
baggage (88lbs)
A\C (1472lbs)
Complete equipment (4 headphones, fire extinguisher, survival kit, 2aeronautical charts)
Total weight was 1776 lbs to take off.

Take off at 700 ft climb at 80 kts 1300 ft/min ,26 MAP, 2550 rpm
cruising at 1500 ft , mix full rich, MAP 23, 2350 rpm, 125-130 kts (average GPS).
cruising at 1500 ft ,mix full rich, MAP 24,5; 2450rpm, 140 kts (average GPS)
Landing not observed (brakes not optimum)

What can I say, the weight of the plane looks like the one of a B17… but the good aerodynamics cover for the low power!

Regarding performance they fall satisfactory under the plans… My compliments to Rich, the plane is "honest" during the flight, very stable longitudinally, and transversally, even though I kept the 2.5° of Dhiedral.  With a small wing, I will get rid of a small rolling to the left and I will look over the "trim".

Thanks to everybody!

Soon,       Marco

Marco Tassi
via A. De Amicis 1 29021 Bettola, Italy
E-mail :

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