KIS Cruiser Completion Photos

Wayne Gifford

with the first builder completed

KIS Cruiser.  
Wayne Gifford with the first builder completed KIS Cruiser.      Wayne wrote the following:

We built our TR-2 (KIS 2place) in about 1250 hours.  The TR-4 (Cruiser) has taken very little more.
Maybe 1350 hours as close as we can tell.

We've stayed very close to the plans.  But did alter the bottome of the cowling.  (With Fuel Injection we need no room for the carb.)  We have a fairly full panel - the larger instruments are used.  The radio is a new VAL-760 T.S.O. (No VOR Head) CHT on all cylinders also EGT on all 4.  All wiring - bolts, etc. (are aircraft grade)  We did move the panel up 1 1/2 inches and forward 2 inches as I'm 6'2" and 200 lbs.

There is one very important job I highly recommend:  that is the 3 main spar sections should be laid out and alligned with the diehedrial.  Check both sides.  Hold firmly while the bolts & bushings are cementing in place. (With release agent on bolts.)  If done after and spar is put in bottom of fuselage, I am sure it would be a lot more trouble.

In the construction of our plane we weighed most every piece as we built the plane. (To keep a close tab on weight)  Our plane weighs 1212 lbs (left main 417) (right main 408) and (nose 387).  I'm pleased with this weight especially with a full panel.

On Engines::  Having belonged to E.A.A. for 20+ years, we see a new engine every year, however none have really come to the forefront.  I believe when you take your new airplane up it will be exciting enough even with a reliable aircraft engine up front!  (Note:  Wayne used a Lycoming IO-360 with 200 hp for his plane.)

Good luck!  and may your building be as much fun for you as we have had.

Wayne Gifford

The above photo shows the 4-Place Cruiser on the Left and a 2-Place on the Right both of which were built by Wayne Gifford.