Sun-N-Fun 1999 Photos

In the movie "Vacation" with Chevy Chase, there was a scene where the family was rushing through the Grand Canyon, stoping to snap a few photos, and then rush on to the next stop.  I remember the one scene in particular where Chevy was noding his head up-and-down as he looked over the canyon.  That's exactly how I felt at this years Sun-N-Fun flyin.  I only had one day there and we had to leave by 3 pm to fly back to Houston.  My primary goal for going was to get a good look at the NEW KIS Cruiser Factory Demonstrator (Owner / Builder Bill Grotes) which was my first stop.  I spent a couple of hours there then quickly walked the flight line and took some photos.  I didn't stop to take down all the types and owner names since I still wanted to tour the booths and look at some engines.  The day was heavily overcast and rather dark to start so some of the pictures are not as clear as I would have liked but I hope you can enjoy them.  

Feel free to download any you might be interested in.  A double click on any image will give you a larger view.

SUN-N-FUN 99 Photos
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KIS Super Cruiser - TR-4 Cont. IO-360

KIS Super Cruiser - TR-4 Cont. IO-360

KIS Super Cruiser - TR-4 Cont. IO-360


Lancair (1998 Grand Champion Oshkosh)

Engine Looks Great Too!

DykeDelta (Flying Wing)


Midget Mustang II

A slower more relaxed way to fly.


GP-4 ( Cotton Candy)