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Since this site has grown to a rather large size with a considerable number of photographs, I have setup this section to help save a little time in finding updates.  The 64 thousand dollar question is will I remember to update it?  We will see.

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10/22/09 New Finally some progress photos of MY PROGRESS:   Engine Mounting - Pressure Cowling
10/22/09 Update OC Baker - TR-1 Construction Photos (General Interest)  Added photo of TR1 Nose Gear Assembly
10/21/09 New Wingtips - Removable - REMOVABLE WINGTIPS By Mike Pienaar
08/24/09 Update TR-1 Completions Update - F. Tim Yoder's beautiful TR-1    Completion Photos
08/23/09 New Bill Schertz passed on a great modification of the Cruiser Nose Gear.......NoseGear.html
08/08/09 Update Added photo of the nearly complete firewall showing just how much is involved in setting up the firewall.
07/05/09 New Preparing for the interior upholstry process while it is easy.   Interior Finish Preparation
07/05/09 Update Firewall - Where do you put everthing?  Several updates and additions
07/05/09 Update Custom Exhaust Fabfication    Added photos of protective under fuselage belly pan.
07/05/09 New More Construction Photos from Scott Stern.      MoreConstrPhotos
06/10/09 New First photos of my new Catto 3 Bladed Propeller    Propeller and Spinner
06/10/09 Update Updates to the Retractable Step progress.     Retractable Steps
06/10/09 New Photos of the custom exhaust mockup fabrication.  Custom Exhaust Fabfication
02/20/09 New Photos of the initial steps in mounting and fitting the engine.      Engine Mounting - Initial fitting
02/17/09 New Bill Schertz - Sealing of Cruiser Door Hinge - Door - Sealing the door hinge
02/17/09 New Finally some updates on my own progress.  One wing now primed for painting.  Wing Finishing
02/17/09 New Additional photos of Ted Scott's TR-4 Construction.     Additional General Photos
10/08/08 New John Petrie shows examples of the wheel pants for the cruiser.        Wheel Pants for Cruiser
10/08/08 New Bill Schertz nears completion and inspection of a very great looking plane. Bill Schertz Completion Photos
03/30/08 New For those of you who can read German, Ralf Twellmann has yet another magazine spread in the April 2008 edition of the German Flieger Magazine.  Even if you can't read the story...you can enjoy the photos.

Magazine Article in German Magazine 2007 (PDF)

03/30/08 New Scott Sterns Instrument Panel Photos...TR-1 Instrument Panel   Note the Center Control Stick installation.
03/01/08 Updates Updates to  the  Instrument Panel - Installation 3 And couple of updates to
Fuselage - Misc.  showing assembly of 3/16 inch SS Brake lines.
2/24/08 NEW Tim Sahagun - TR-4 Builder Dallas Area  Tim just got his engine and I decided to take a few construction photos while helping him with the engine mounting.  Another great project is moving along nicely.  Take a look.
02/16/08 NEW Bill Schertz has provided an update to his door locks installation that is worth checking out:  
Door Locks Addendum
12/30/07 New Scott Sterns has provided  some great photos of his TR-1 Door Latch - TR-1 Door Latch Photos (Good Alternative Latch)
12/30/07 NEW A builder contribution (Bill Schertz provided these update!) - Elevator Extension - Another Example
12/29/07 Updates Various Updates to MY Progress and Pages - Added Retractable Wing TieDowns and some other Misc.
12/25/07 New Builder submitted modification to TR4 Front Gear  Front Gear Modification - TR4
12/25/07 New Ted Scott -   Door Locks with Center Tab  An improved version of the Hendricks Door Lock
10/11/07 New Julian Bone's TR-1 Wing Root Fairing Modification       Wing Root Fairing
10/09/07 NEW Added Photos of KIS-2-Place Completion Photos for Michael Patten  Luskintyre, NSW,  Australia
10/09/07 NEW Added Photos to KIS-2-Place Completion Photos for VAN ROOY    Monument Park, South Africa
10/08/07 NEW Pictures of the TR-1 Nose Gear Failure -- TR-1 NOSE GEAR FAILURE
02/01/07 Website Moved Web Site to NEW Host and NEW Domain.  New Web address www.kisbuild.OnFinal18.com
02/01/07 Update Update to the Baggage Door Phtos Baggage Compartment Access  
05/08/06 Update Keith Miller - TR-1 Construction Photos with Instrument Panel & Firewall  (Completion Photo)
05/07/05 New Ralf Twellmann - (Met at Oshkosh and he sent me this last August.  I must apologize for taking so long to get them posted to the web site.)     Ralf Twellmann - TR-1 in Germany
05/07/05 NEW Ray Clegg - Something Special from a Special Friend

Something Special               (YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!)

05/07/05 Update Added a couple of shots of to the Completions including the only shot of Ken Clarke's beauty.
05/07/05 New Ted Scott - KIS Cruiser - (Some great work)  - Ted Scott - TR-4 Builder
05/06/05 New YET ANOTHER GREAT LOOKING CRUISER - Jerzy Krasinsky TR4 Completion
05/06/05 New Bill Schertz = Fuselage Turning Jig
05/05/05 NEW Al Rosa - Baggage Compartment Access    (Check this out.....Neat!)
05/03/05 New Larry David's TR-1 Door Latch System.      Larry David - TR-1 Door Latch System
05/03/05 New Bill Shertz - Fuselage Underside Fairing Details
04/28/05 New Updated MyProgress and added -      Landing Lights
04/25/05 NEW Glen Westphal - El Paso - N211NB KIS Cruiser    E-Bay Photos (Borrowed)   & Door Damage
11/25/03 New Bob Anderson has provided some great shots of his NEW Cruiser.  Bob Anderson Completion Photos
08/16/03 New Al Rosa provided these photos of his elevator extension             Elevator Extension
08/14/03 New Updated MyProgress and added -
          Instrument Panel - Installation 2
          Rudder Pedals Final
          Cable Guide / Retractable Step Holder
          Pilot/Copilot Center Console
08/13/03 Update Updated the Oshkosh - Builders - added this years photo of Dinner attendees.
08/13/03 Update Some detail photos of John Petrie's Wheel Pants - Wheel Pants
08/13/03 Update Some landing gear updates - Harry Herst - TR-4 Builder - Tennessee
08/12/03 NEW My Photos from AirVenture 2003 - AirVenture 2003
08/12/03 Update Added some additional shots to John Forester's photos.
John Forster - TR-4 Builder near Mecca (Oshkosh)
08/11/03 Update

Updates to Ray Cleggs Photos with shots take at Oshkosh 2003
Oshkosh 2003 Photos -1
Oshkosh 2003 Photos -2

02/14/03 New Bill Schertz has provided some very good updates on installation and adjustment of the Cruiser Flaps.  Check out: Flap Modifications and Fitting Flaps
02/14/03 New Al Rosa has sent a new update showing his Yoke Controls for Cruiser.
(This is some great work and worth a look.)
01/12/03 New Al Rosa has some really great progress on his seats and rudder pedals.
                               Adjustable Seats Adapted from Auto Seats
                               Rudder Pedals & Tail Tiedown
11/16/02 New My Progress - Covering Seats Front and Rear
Update to -     Landing Gear Root Faring
10/30/02 Update Scott Sterns - TR-1 Construction Photos Southern California Builder
10/27/02 New John Forster - TR-4 Builder near Mecca (Oshkosh)  Custom Rudder Pedals
10/27/02 New Scott Sterns - TR-1 Construction Photos Southern California Builder
10/01/02 Update Rework on MyProgress section to improve location and access.
09/27/02 New Some initial photos of      Landing Gear Root Faring
Additional Updates to     Pre-Assembly
09/15/02 Update Update to My Progress with additions of the  Pre-Assembly section.
Added list of steps and description of some of the problems encountered.
09/12/02 New Update to My Progress with additions of the  Pre-Assembly section.
09/10/02 NEW! Keith Millers broken TR-1 Nose Strut       Broken Nose Gear Strut
08/17/02 Update Ray Clegg In Flight Photos:   WOW!
07/04/02 New Ray Clegg Completion Photos: Photos by Keith Miller
07/04/02 Update Completion Photos  (Added a couple of new ones-- Check it out.)
07/02/02 New Maurits Van Rooy - Collection of Construction and Completion Photos
                                - Flight and Standing Photos
                                - Ellison Air Box Installation
07/02/02 NEW Bill Schertz captured these shots of Lou Seno's installation of the Hendricks Door latch in a TR-1 (Pulsar Sport 150) and shared them with us. Thanks Bill..
Lou Seno - TR-1 Installation of the Hendricks Door Latch
07/01/02 New New additions to MyProgress - Hinge Drilling Jig
                                                 Wing Flaps  
                                                 Ailerons       (Page 2)
05/14/02 New Geoff Older - Completed Aircraft - Check this out, it is a very beautiful TR-1.  
05/12/02 New Rudder Pedals - Something Different - My latest and final rudder pedals.
05/12/02 Update Wing Closeout #2 - I (make that my wife, daughter, and I) finally closed out the right wing.  This shows some additional details of the close.
05/09/02 New Retractable TieDown Design  an improvement on my self retracting tiedown.
05/09/02 New Harry Herst - TR-4 Builder - Tennessee
05/09/02 New Aileron Drive Seal - Jerzy Krasinski - TR-4 Cruiser Builder
05/07/02 New John Petre - Some great inflight shots PLUS PLUS
05/07/02 New John Petrie - Pressure Cowling Fabrication
03/13/02 Update A few updates of John Petrie's plane just before the Second - First flight.
John Petrie  - check out the great looking rebuild.  Nice work John!
03/12/02 Update Made some updates to MyProgress - Doors - Includes installation of the Door latch from Lyle Hendricks, Installation of windows, close out of door and a neat door handle for pulling the door closed.  
02/18/02 Update Bill Schertz - More great ideas from Bill:  ELT Antenna Construction
02/11/02 Update Finally...I finished scanning and updating the photos for:
Don Garret & Jim Lagowski - TR-1 Construction Photos
Included are the photos of the completed and flying aircraft.  Congratulations Jim.
02/10/02 Update Made some update to My Progress - Engine to separate and reduce load time as well as prepare for actual engine delivery.  Soon I hope!  Waiting on FADEC.
02/10/02 Update Added several updates to My Progress -  Flight Controls  showing rudder return springs, push-pull idler, and rudder hinge.
02/10/02 New New addition to TR-1 2-Place Construction Photos
Maurits Van Rooy - Collection of Construction and Completion Photos
02/09/02 Update Updates on the progress of my Instruments and Panel Construction. Includes some photos of the Blue Mountain EFIS One and Control Vision Switch Panel.
02/09/02 Update Bill Schertz - More good input from Bill on Instrument Panel & Glareshield
(Added some additional photos.)
02/06/02 Update Some NEW instruments  FOR SALE (Parts)
02/06/02 Update Bill Schertz - More good input from Bill on Instrument Panel & Glareshield
12/05/01 NEW Dave Tate TR-4 #4052 Completion Photos     CONGRATULATIONS!
First Flight Dec. 3, 2001
12/03/01 Update Dave Tate - TR-4 #4052   Added to the Completions - First Flight TODAY!
12/03/01 New Bill Schertz - Spiral Tubing Cutter for making protective cover for wiring.
11/27/01 Change Clear Wing Tip Light cover installation - Wing Tips
More updates on wing construction details - Installing Ribs & Spar
11/26/01 Change Started consolidation of the TR-1 KIS and KIS Cruiser into single site with common menu.  The original separation was due to size being too large.
11/26/01 NEW John Petrie has provided his pilots manual as a draft for the KIS Cruiser / Super Cruiser builders.  Pilots Flight Manual (John Petrie Cruiser)
(Also included in the Tips & Tricks section.)
11/26/01 New I have added a number of updates to My Progress including:
Arm Rest Construction details - Arm Rest Construction
Door Preparation and Window Installation Detail - Doors
Stainless Steel Firewall Preparation - Firewall
Aileron Construction Details - Ailerons
My plan for wing trial fit and install - Wing Installation
11/02/01 New Hans Christen Ersted Developed a Pilots Flight Manual for the TR-1 which should
provide an excellent model for all aircraft.  (PDF Format can be viewed online, downloaded, and printed using Adobe Software.
Pilots Flight Manual (Sample from TR-1)  (Included in Tips & Tricks)
09/11/01 New Retractable Steps (Hendricks Mfg.) by Bill Schertz  Once again, Bill has done an excellent job and shows us the step.  ;-)
08/14/01 Update Door Locks (Hendricks Locks)  By Bill Schertz.  Bill has led the way with the first installation of and documentation of the door locks from Lyle Hendricks.
Hendricks Mfg. Inc. ---- www.HendricksMfg.com  (This is worth a look!)
07/23/01 Update Several additions to Dave Tate's Panel Firewall Backward - Inside and Panel
07/22/01 New MY PROGRESS (yes I am making progress...slowly)   Wing Close #1
07/21/01 NEW COMPLETION PHOTOS  (Beautiful plane and proud owner, a must see!)
Marco Tassi     TR-4 #4033 Builder in Italy
07/16/01 New Jerzy Krasinski - TR-4 Cruiser Builder - Jerzy has modified the manual flaps system to provide more leverage and flap positions.
07/11/01 New Link to Dave Kennedy - (Web Site) TR-4 Builder #4021 - Lots of construction photos
07/10/01 Update Added a MAP to John and Carrie Forster residence for the 2001 Builders Dinner.  (KIS_Builders_Oshkosh2k.html)

 Also added some update to My Progress - Wings  - Interior Details

06/08/01 Update My Progress - Wings  - Interior Details - Updated to show some of the internal details of the wing construction.  
My Progress - Overhead Console - Air Control - Updated to show installation of the overhead lights and switches.  They really look good.
06/06/01 Update Updates to the TR-1 Section - Jim Lagowski has provided some great updates
including a number of photos of engine baffling, engine cowling and more.
06/03/01 Update Builder Completions - I have reworked this section to include a single photo
of the completions with a link to pages with additional details and photos.
06/03/01 NEW Door Locks (Hendricks Locks)  By Bill Schertz.  Bill has led the way with the first installation of and documentation of the door locks from Lyle Hendricks.
Hendricks Mfg. Inc. ---- www.HendricksMfg.com  (This is worth a look!)
05/28/01 New Nose Gear Mods by John Petrie.  Check out this interesting update to the Nose Gear H Bracket.
05/27/01 Update Custom Plane Photos - I have added the hundreds of photos of Custom, Classic, Warbirds, and other photos from Sun-N-Fun, AirVenture 99 and Copper State which had been on another web site.  I have also added the photos from AirVenture 2000 which I had not previously posted.
05/25/01 New Overhead Console - Air Control - By Bob Reed - Shows how I used a spare Mac Servo to control the air input from the vertical stabilizer.  Also, a source for small swivel lights for overhead console.
05/18/01 Update PAUL Lamar - TR-4 Builder  New photos showing engine mount and some Tips
on an improved rubber bushing for the nose gear.
05/18/01 Update Bill Schertz - TR-4 Construction Photos -
Overhead Console and Control Stops
03/28/01 Update Wiring Diagrams - Keith Miller  in the Tips & Tricks Section.  Updates to a couple of drawings and a narrative by Keith.
03/28/01 Update Front Console in   My Progress section.  Some initial photos of the pilot center console.
03/27/1 New Door - Lower Door Seal by Bob Reed in Tips & Tricks  Section
03/27/01 New Door - Interior Drip Rail by Paul Lamar in Tips & Tricks  Section
03/27/01 New Wiring Diagrams - Keith Miller  in the Tips & Tricks Section
03/27/01 Update Bill Schertz - TR-4 Construction Photos - Helpful Hints - Wiring Diagrams
Reorganized and added a lot of new content including wiring diagrams and construction details for the fuselage.  Much more so check it out.
03/25/01 NEW Marco Tassi - TR-4 #4033 Builder in Italy - A builder in Italy who doesn't read or speak english and had to have the builders manual converted to italian.  Just imagine the added difficulty he has had.
03/25/01 Update Dave Tate - TR-4 #4052 - Construction Photos - an update showing his latest photo of a great paint job.  Looking Good!
03/25/01 Update John Petrie - TR-4 Builder in South Africa - an update showing the plane following his engine out landing and resulting retracted gear.  It will fly again.
11/27/01 Update Removed all What's New entries prior to Jan, 2001
12/30/98 Added Whats New Section to the Web Site