Ted Scott - TR-4 - Modified Hendricks Door Locks for the TR-4.

Photos of down lock on my tr4. This worked perfect
locking on the air duct going to the back seat.
The bottom part is the part that I made.
It is 1/8 inch thich aluminum.
I used 5/16 stainless rod for the locking rod.I used
a rod end bearing to get movement in the rod so it
would not bind when closing.I used a bronze bushing
in the door jamb.
You can see the door lock under the arm rest. You can see the locking plate at the bottom of the
door close handle. This is about 18 inches back
from the front edge of the door.This was before
I finished the air duct and added a strike plate.
This is the formica trim that I made for interior
window trim.It is held on with velcro.