TED SCOTT - TR-4 Construction

This is my progress after two and one half years.

I used the same seats that Al Rosa used for the front seats and used some front bucket seats from the wrecking yard for the back.

Finished interior view.  Really looks GOOD!

I only used the foam from the seats for the back seats They are glued to plywood.

I am using burlwood formica for the cover on the control panel,air duct, sides of the center consol between the seats and the overhead consol.  These are yokes from a 1976 Cardinal.

Overhead Console

I decided not to use a full length of tubeing in the consol between the seats for the rudder cables.I installed two inch strips about one foot apart so that I could inspect the cables.The cables can be snaped out from the top.

Front Air Vent

I put 1/2"X 2"slots in the bottom of the air duct just behind the front seats for the air. This is the air duct that I installed to get cool and hot air to the back seat.

Rudder pedals from a 1976 Cardinal. (Rear View)

Rudder pedals from a 1976 Cardinal. (Front View)