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Building a KIS Cruiser

Fitting Flaps


Bill Schertz, Dec, 2002

Nylon Block rides in aluminum channel, and slides a little as the flap goes down Full up

First Notch

Second Notch

In order to get the block to fully engage the channel, I had to countersink the screw head into the arm First type of screw used

Counter-sunk screw

To get adequate side to side clearance, I had to remove the fiberglass layer over the area where the aluminum channel rides. This gave more clearance for the flaps actuator arms.

I put a sheet of aluminum onto the trailing edge of the jig for setting flap angle. This then can be used to hold the fairings (top and bottom) into proper position while curing the epoxy bond, by clecoing through the fiberglass into the aluminum. Jig with Aluminum ledge

Jig in place, cleoes holding fairings