Installation of Lyle Hendrick’s door locks

By Bill Schertz

Locks from From Lyle Hendricks - Hendricks Mfg. Inc.

(designed by Vance Jaqua)

Installation of Lyle Hendrick’s door locks     -  PART 2

Lyle’s locks arrived while I was working at fitting the doors/windows, so I started the process of installing them.

There are several things that must be considered in installing the lock mechanisms:

  1. The locks are designed to be essentially flush with the carbon fiber outer door skin. However, the opening in the skin can only be cut after the skin is bonded to the door.
  2. You need to have access to the assembly from the inside of the plane. This can be accomplished with a removable arm rest. The lock assembly needs to be securely held in position against the outer door skin, but there are no mounting holes.
  3. I feel you need to be able to assemble all components into the door from the inside of the door after the outer skin is bonded in place. A means to test access is required.
  4. The locking mechanism is secure, but the motion of the assembly is not trivial to deal with in making it work with drive pins.

Here is how I am mounting the locks:

Now that all of the pieces have been fabricated, they will be removed, the outer skin bonded into place, and then the acrylic template will be used to locate where the cutout for the lock needs to go. The template will be positioned by the existing holes in the door inner skin, and therefore it should be in the right place. A pilot bit should duplicate the keyhole and lock holes, so that the lock will fit. Then the lock-set will be positioned, the plywood U-shaped pieces bonded to the inside of the outer skin, and the assembly can be assembled from the inside of the door.

Lyle’s metal template may be borrowed by the next builder, with the proviso that you forward it on to the next one ------ etc.

I hope this description is helpful to other installers. It took lots of "pondering time" and futzing around with the linkage to get it to work smoothly.

Installation of Lyle Hendrick’s door locks     -  PART 2