My Progress

Rudder Cable Guide / Retractable Step Retainer

The area between the pilot and co-pilot seats is very crowded and has a lot of different control elements all coming together at the same point.  I needed some way to guide the cables for the rudder through the area and into the PVC tube that guides it to the tail section.  I also needed a way to hold the retractable steps in place since the friction hold on them did not work correctly.  The following is what I came up with to solve these problems.  I might look a bit strange but it does the job intended and didn't require any special machine work.

Using only stock aluminum componets
cut and combined with two guides.

The wings for holding the steps are
under friction tension by nylon guides.

The guide in place with the steps
locked in place.

Seen from above bolted to station 30.

Guide in relation to the steps and cable.

Cables in place and console framework
in position over the controls.

Rudder cable will be run through pvc tubes
to protect from damage and prevent fraying.

The cable crosses behind the rear seat.
Used nylon tube to protect cable.

Rudder Cable - rear setup.