KIS Cruiser Prototype

Details & Photos

The KIS Cruiser Construction Manual is extremely short on Photos of the construction details.  The instructions are fairly well written but like the old saying goes "One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" and this is no exception.  During the 1998 Copperstate Flyin, I was finally able to take a few detail shots of the factory prototype for helping with some of the details.  I hope these photos will also be of help to other builders as well.

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Side and Front views of the prototype KIS Cruiser.

This photo shows the detail of the aileron trim tab installation.

This photo shows the details of the elevator and rudder installations.  
The elevator is in the full up position in this photograph.

These photos show the relationship between the elevator and the stabilizer.  
Notice the amount of space between the counter weight and the stabilizer.  

This view shows the pilot side of the elevator installation
with the inspection panel for gaining access to the elevator control horn.  
It also shows some details of the trim tab installation.

This shows some flairings which continue the lines
from the bottom of the cowling back into the fuselage.
 It makes for a much cleaner look.

These are underside views of the flairings.  
I don't know if the factory is offering these as options but they shouldn't be to difficult to fabricate over some shaped foam molds.

This shows the retractable entry step on the prototype.  The step can be pushed back into the fuselage and makes for a very smooth fuselage.  It is constructed from to pieces of aluminum.  The step is one piece, shaped so that the bottom fits the contour of the fuselage.  The step is pined to the shaft which has been bent into a smooth arc which allows it to slide back into the fuselage.  The brackets for holding the step mechanisim are attached to the front of station 30 and can be reached from inside the cockpit for both retraction and extension.

These photos show several views of the doors and windows.
 Probably the only complaint I had with the plane was reaching those doors to close them.

A couple of shots of the rudder installaton.

Details of the underside of the fuselage.

Just a couple of general shots from the side.

A couple of interior detail shots.

Thats All Folks!