Back Seat & Baggage Area

Rear Seat Back

These photos show the rear seat back.  I took these to show the bracing used and how placed. There is a 3 inch wide extension added to the top of the original panel to extend the back up. I then added the extension for the head rests. (It was done this way because I didn't have a prepreg piece wide enough to get the required width with one piece.)  These were glassed over on the front and back side with two ply bids strips. A two inch wide plywood hard point was added to the bottom with one inch extending beyond the prepreg and one inch bonded between the sides of the prepreg. This was then glassed into place with a 2 ply bid. This hard point served to raise the whole panel for a better fit against the flanges and provide for a full width piano hinge for mounting.

The bracing shown is balsa wood with the edges rounded and covered with a two ply bid. The result is a seat back that is strong and ridged both vertically and horizontally. It might be a bit of overkill but the only thing I would change if I did it over would be to remove the center horizontal brace as I don't think it is needed. (Note the photo was taken before I had glassed the horizontal bracing.)

The completed seat back shown in place.