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(NO, It's not mine but I wish it were...Photo thanks to Bob Anderson.)
The KIS aircraft line was sold to Pulsar Aircraft Corporation who moved out of the country and is no longer manufacturing these aircraft.

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After many years of dreaming, planning, talking and reading about Experimental Aircraft, I finally decided that it was time to quit procrastinating and start building.  Late in 1996, after an extensive review of my mission requirements along with the specifications of the available plans and kits, I choose the KIS Cruiser from TRI-R Technologies in Oxnard Ca. and started on a new adventure.  This is going to take a long time and I am planing on enjoying every minute of the process.

April.2012 - I knew it was going to take a long time but here I am almost 16 years later and I am still inching along.  It seems that life has a strange way of getting in the way of our hobbies.  I have started working on the plane again after more than two years of no activity on the plane while I did some extensive remodeling of a bathroom and the kitchen.  It was in storage for more than three years.  I finally got a hangar but it is more than an hours drive from my house so that limits my available time even more.  I am more determined than ever to finish but will make no estimate as to how much longer it will take.  The fact is, it will be done when it is done.  I will not make any more estimates on when it will be done, it may very well not be done until I finally retire and have more than an hour here and an hour there to work on it.

This web site will be a chronicle of my project and hopefully an aid to other homebuilt aircraft builders.  I have expanded this site to provide a common repository for other Super Cruiser and KIS 150 Builders to share their construction photos, completion photos, and construction ideas.  Their help in providing updates and ideas is a tremendous aid to all builders.  My Thanks to each of the participating builders.

Thank you for stopping by.  

Bob Reed

"Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice,
pull down your pants and Slide on the Ice!"      

(M.A.S.H. Sidney Freedman)

There is a great KIS builders email list that you are encouraged to join if you are a builder or interested in becoming one.  To join, send an email to with the word "subscribe kisbuilders" in the body of the email.

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PS:  Your comments, contributions and suggestions are always welcome.  Happy Building.

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