Construction Photos

This section will be reserved for including or linking to photos from other builders of both the two and four place KIS airplanes..  I encourage other builders to send their completion and progress photos to me, Vance, or Bob Rosenbloom for inclusion on at least one our web sites.  I would also like to encourage other builders to establish their own web sites for maintaining progress photos of their projects.  We will also all benefit from the experience of each other.

KIS Cruiser - TR-4 Builder Photos

Tim Sahagun - TR-4 Builder Dallas Area

John Forster - TR-4 Builder near Mecca (Oshkosh)

Marco Tassi - TR-4 #4033 Builder in Italy

Dave Tate - TR-4 #4052 - Construction Photos

Bill Grote - TR-4 (New Factory Demonstrater)

John Petrie - TR-4 Builder in South Africa

Alfred Rosa - TR-4 Builder - Instr. Panel, Wing Tip, Stall Warning, Other
                                                 Wing Walk Mod to Wing Flaps
                                                 Adjustable Seats Adapted from Auto Seats
                                                 Rudder Pedals & Tail Tiedown
                                                 Yoke Controls for Cruiser
                                                 Elevator Extension
                                                 Baggage Compartment Access

Bill Schertz - TR-4 #4045 - Construction Photos - Helpful Hints

PAUL Lamar - TR-4 Builder - Drawings - Rotary Engine Mount / Side Stick Control / Panel

Ray Clegg - Cessna 172 Rudder Pedals & Nose Gear Adapted to Cruiser
                     Cessna 172 Electric Flaps Motor Adapted to KIS Cruiser
                     Custom Designed Instrument Panel
                     Control System - Control Stops
                     Paint / Cowling and Baffles
                     Elevator & Aileron Push Rods
                     Ray Clegg Completion Photos
                     Oshkosh 2003 Photos -1
                     Oshkosh 2003 Photos -2

OC Baker - TR-1 Construction Photos (General Interest)

Jerzy Krasinski - TR-4 Cruiser Builder
                      Aileron Drive Seal
                      Jerzy Krasinsky TR4 Completion

Harry Herst - TR-4 Builder - Tennessee

Ted Scott - TR-4 Builder Interior (Great looking seats)
                    Door Locks with Center Tab

                    Additional General Photos

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Paul Lamar - (Web Site) Paul Lamar's Aviation Page

Galin Hernandez or better known as the