Construction Photos

This section will be reserved for including or linking to photos from other builders of both the two and four place KIS airplanes..  I encourage other builders to send their completion and progress photos to me, Vance, or Bob Rosenbloom for inclusion on at least one our web sites.  I would also like to encourage other builders to establish their own web sites for maintaining progress photos of their projects.  We will also all benefit from the experience of each other.

KIS TR-1 2-Place Builder Photos


Scott Sterns - TR-1 Construction Photos
                        TR-1 Door Latch Photos (Good Alternative Latch)
                        TR-1 Instrument Panel
                        TR-1 More Great Construction Photos

Keith Miller - TR-1 Construction Photos with Instrument Panel & Firewall

Don Garret & Jim Lagowski - TR-1 Construction Photos

Ray Clegg - Beautiful Completed TR-1 with IO-240 engine installation.

Geoff Older - TR-1 Construction Photos - Custom Instrument Panel  
                                                                    - Firewall Forward - Engine
                                                                    - Misc Construction Photos
                                                                    - Completed Aircraft 

Hans Christian Erstad - TR-1 #32 Misc Photos and Flight Manual

Maurits Van Rooy - Collection of Construction and Completion Photos
                                - Flight and Standing Photos
                                - Ellison Air Box Installation

Lou Seno - TR-1 Installation of the Hendricks Door Latch

Larry David - TR-1 Door Latch System
Larry David - Completion / First Flight Aftermath

Ralf Twellmann - TR-1 in Germany