John Forster -  Custom Rudder Pedals

Here are some shots of my rudder pedal modification mockups. I'm hoping this might help a few of those out there wrestling with the rudder/brake installations. Captions are as follows:

Here are the pedal modifications. The pedal is an ACS A-1260, the cylinder is a Matco MC-4A. I cut off the brake horn at the top of the pedal and moved the pivot point(s) down even with the pedal pivot. The 1/8" aluminum outriggers pivot on the same bolt as the pedal. The cross beam is 3/4" square aluminum tube. I had these rod end bearings lying around, but the final installation will use Heim HF-3 bearings.

The pedal installation.

Note the upper and lower pivots of the cylinder and pedal form a parallelogram which keeps the pedal orientation the same throughout the arc. The pilot left pedal still has the original cylinder installation. The original had a 1:1 pedal to brake travel ratio. The new system provides a 2.25:1 ratio.

This pilot side pedals, with the right pedal modification. This view the shows additional stalks for the rudder cables and the pivot points for the co-pilot pedals. I made the rudder bars from .049 wall tube for stiffness and because I didn't trust myself to be able to weld .035 wall. The springs are temporary.

One more view for some additional clarity.
Installed Pedals

John reworked his instrument panel this year and has done a very interesting and unique setup on his panel.  He fabricated an aligned hinge pin on both sides an in the middle of the panel using the original instrument panel from the kit.  He has setup the panel so that the avionics will be in a fixed panel in the middle with the remainder of the panel able to fold down.  See the photos below for a much better explanation than I can give.

This shows the panel folded down with the hinge pins visable on both sides and in the middle.
The view from the front shows the relation to the center avionics stack.
Panel in the normal up position.  Note the layouts for the Blue Mountain EFIS and other instruments.
Good location for the position lights power supply.