Harry Herst - TR-4 Builder

This project is kit #4030 that was built by Roger Rose. Another individual named Neal Scherm bought it from him last December but has not done much of any work on it and decided to sell it.

By the way, I have no kit building experience. About the closest thing to this I have done is building and flying R/C airplanes for about 25 years. Some of these were done with a glass finish.


Harry Herst

Here are a couple of pics of the main gear angle mod I did.

The first picture is one of the epoxy wedges I made. These were made by constructing a small pan out of wood to pour the epoxy into and then angling it at the desired amount. I beleive I used about 1.7 degrees of tilt. I applied wax paper to the wood to keep the epoxy from sticking.

The second picture shows the wedges glued in after sanding to fit. I also used a slightly thicker and harder rubber than supplied with the kit. I made the wedges and the rubber pieces 4" wide instead of 2" to give extra support.


Harry Herst