Dave Tate - TR-4 #4052 Construction Photos

Dave is about to take his first trip with his
plane.  Seems he has worked out a deal with
a friend to move his plane into a barn for the
remainder of the building process.
Here is a view of the inside of the firewall.
Note the battery location and the heater
hose.  Dave is doing a lot of work to make
sure that he can get good use out of his KIS
during those cold Ohio winters.
This is a good view of the extension to the
center console area.  With the throttle,
mixture and carb heat controls in this unit
he will be free to move the instrument panel
out of the way without having to disconnect
any major cables.  Nice looking unit too.
The lower part of the center console contains
the fuel selector valve.  The trim indicators
are shown in the upper section under the
throttle and mixture.
Part of the heat ducting will connect to a "Y"
connector and direct some of that heat to
the windscreen for defogging.  
This shows the beginnings of the instrument
panel.  A clean, well organized layout seems
to be taking shape.
Start on the cover for the instrument panel.
A loaded panel nearing completion.
View of panel from above.