Custom Plane Instrument Panels

The Instrument Panel is one area where the Homebuilder has almost total freedom to design and build their dream panel.

The range is from the most simple of VFR panels containing only the required instruments to some IFR ready panels containing fully redundant instruments and communications equipment.  There are builders who will not stray from the traditional layouts using the old reliable mechanical instruments and there are the builders who are advancing the state of the art with the most modern Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS) which resemble an entertainment center containing multiple CRT screens for displaying all flight and navigation information.

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 The value of these panels can run from a few thousand dollars tosomething approaching the national debt.  (Slight exageration there!)  We seem to only be limited by our budget and ability to jam more capability into already cramped quarters.

When I started to design my panel I really didn't know where to start.  What were the required instruments and where should they be located?  What were the best instruments and source for those instruments for my installation?  Could I design and build the panel myself or would it be better to turn to one of the many companies which will design, build, and test your panel for you?  I definately had many more questions than answers.  For me the best starting point was to examine as many panels from other builders as possible and learn from them.  Over the past year I have collected photos of many other builders panels.  I have also collected as much information regarding panel design as I could locate on the Internet.  

This web page contains many photos which I have collected from all over the internet and have used in helping me to start the design of my own panel.  I am still working on my panel and will be updating the construction pages with my progress as I get further along.  I am also including links to many of the sources of both information and the equipment required for your panel.  

I hope that you will find these images as helpful as I have and enjoy the building of your own dream panel.  

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