Custom Plane Interiors

Since most homebuilders are working from a set of plans developed by someone else or building a kit with many pre-formed components, modifications and customization of the basic airframe is not something most builders are qualified to do.  Yes, some modifications such as adding a trim tab, wheel flairings, and a few other cosmetic type changes are OK but major modifications are best left to those with proper training.  

As a builder, particularly a first time builder, I am very careful to not start modifying those items which I don't feel qualified to change.  Yes, I am doing some minor changes such as adding electric rudder trim, changing slightly the shape of the dorsal fin, adding some additional NACA inlets, enclosed navigation and landing lights, and other minor modifications.  I am also very careful to confer with the designer to ensure that my changes are not going to adversely affect the design.  



Now comes the area where the builder has some freedom to express their own personal ideas about what they want and how they want it.  The interior of the airplane is for the most part the builders to design and construct according to their ideas.  That's not to say there are no limitations and that mistakes won't be made but there is some latitude.  The builder must be aware that weight is always a consideration and limitation to most interior modifications.  Other items such as placement of controls and instruments must always be considered before making any change.  

There is very little information available for helping the homebuilder with designing and building the interior of their aircraft.  I have only found a few sites containing data on designing and building out the interior of our planes.  I have collected a few photos showing some examples of other builders interiors and a very few links to suppliers of the materials for finishing the interiors.  I hope these are of some help to other builders.