AirVenture 99
(The Experimental Aircraft Convention formerly known as OSHKOSH)

Oshkosh 99...Excuse me I mean AirVenture 99 was my first visit to the mecca of conventions for pilots.  I felt like the proverbial kid at DisneyLand.  (52 year old kid that is.)  I had four days to try and get all the information I could regarding the engine choices (and prices) for my project, see what was new in the way of avionics, attend some forums, and see all that I could see.  It was both too little time and too much time.  Too little for me to actually see everything and too much heat and walking for somebody who spends most of their time in an airconditioned office.

The table below links to several pages of photos which I took during my visit.  I have separated them into Classics, WarBirds, HomeBuilts and some general shots which don't fit one of the other categories.  I will not claim to know or try to name all the aircraft.  Most I know but there are many which I just enjoy for their beauty.  There are over 150 Photos so please be patient with their loading.  I have not made thumbnails since they occupy so much space that they limit the total number of photos which I can maintain on the site.  I have tried to keep the total number of photos per page low enough to reduce the load times.  

Please Enjoy!

AirVenture 1

AirVenture 2

Classics 1

Classics 2

War Birds 1

War Birds 2

War Birds 3

HomeBuilts 1

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