AirVenture 2000
(The Experimental Aircraft Convention formerly known as OSHKOSH)

When I ordered my KIS Cruiser kit I had hoped to finish by the year 2000 so my signature line at the time was...

"Oshkosh 2000 by Gosh!  

Well, Oshkosh 2000 (excuse me AirVenture 2000) arrived but my plane is not finished and probably won't be for a couple of more years.  I have found that even the best intentions can be interrupted by life and work.  There always seems to be something else that takes priority over the building process or that takes the money intended for the plane.  It will be finished one day but in the mean time, here is proof that at least I made it to "Oshkosh 200 by Gosh" even if the plane didn't.

What is the spirit of AirVenture?  We each have our own idea of what AirVenture is really about but for me, the following photos show what I think should be the real spirit of the event.  I spent several minutes observing the little boy in the photo below as he tried out each of the planes shown below.  His face showed the wonder that I believe should be the real spirit of Oshkosh.  

The table below links to several pages of photos which I took during my visit.  I have separated them into Classics, WarBirds, HomeBuilts and some general shots which don't fit one of the other categories. There are a lot of Photos so please be patient with their loading.  I have not made thumbnails since they occupy so much space that they limit the total number of photos which I can maintain on the site.  I have tried to keep the total number of photos per page low enough to reduce the load times.  

Please Enjoy!

People People People The Best Classics The Best Warbirds Homebuilts 1
New or Unusual Some More Classics And More Warbirds Homebuilts 2
A Few More Classics Still More Warbirds UltraLights