AirVenture 2003

When I ordered my KIS Cruiser kit I had hoped to finish by the year 2000 so my signature line at the time was...

"Oshkosh 2000 by Gosh!"  

Well, AirVenture 2003 arrived and my plane is still not finished.  It probably won't be for a couple more years.  As I mentioned before, the best of intentions can be overshadowed by life and work, or the lack of work.  This year, it is the unemployment that stopped everything in its tracks.  I lost a long term contract at the beginning of 2003 and am trying to either find regular employment or rebuild my consulting business.  In the mean time, work on the plane stops and life continues.  

With the help of some very generous and kind friends I did make it to Oshkosh this year.  The following are the few photos that I took of this years event.  I don't have any exact figures on the attendance but I can say from past years that the crowds seemed better than I remembered.  

I hope you enjoy the photos.

This year I had the opportunity to get to Oshkosh on Sunday before the show started on Tuesday.  This provided the chance to go out to the flight line and watch the planes arrive.  It was quite a show and I highly recommend trying it one year.  We sat next to someone with a radio and were able to listen in on the tower communications while watching the arrivals.  It was some sight to watch some 86 Beechcraft arrive and land three at a time.  Van's Air Force was constantly arriving all day long.  

One of the Highlights on Monday was the arrival of the Hughes Racer.  I was lucky enough to film the landing and taxi by as it was moved to AeroShell Square.  The photos below were taken as they move the plane into position for the show display.  I feel very lucky to have had the chance to see this great aircraft in person and get these photos.  Sadly, the plane was destroyed and the builder / pilot was killed on the way home from Oshkosh.  


I was quite surprised by the number of people who arrived early, especially on Monday.  It almost felt like the show was underway well before the official opening.  In fact, one vendor (Van's Aircraft) was already fully setup and taking orders for their latest and probably greatest addition to Van's Air Force...the RV-10.  These shots were taken on Monday while you could still see the plane.  Once the show opened, it was nearly impossible to get any good photos without a dozen people in the way.  I suspect this plane will receive this years dead grass award.

I normally attend a fair number of forums at Oshkosh each year but this year I also took the opportunity to attend a couple of programs at the Air Museum.  Chuck Yeagar gave a great program on breaking the sound barrier followed by Eric Lindbergh who discussed the recreation of his grandfathers solo trip across the Atlantic in the "Spirit of St Louis".  Prior to his presentation, I had not thought too much of his accomplishment but now realize that he had much more to overcome than just a non-stop flight across the ocean.  It is a story well worth hearing.  The Linbergh exhibit was also at the museum this year but they did not allow any photography inside the exhibit.  

Chuck Yeagar

Spirit of St.Louis

Eric Lindbergh

Celebrating 100
years of powered
flight with a
reproduction of the
Wright Flyer.

The table below links to several pages of photos which I took during my visit.  Please Enjoy!

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