Tri-R Technologies  TR-4


This Builder's Manual is NOT the official manual as published by TRI-R Technologies.  

Roger Rose, who lives in Simi Valley CA. and was building a KIS Cruiser, worked with TRI-R Technologies in developing the following Builder's Manual.  Unfortunately for all KIS Cruiser builders, Roger has decided to sell his Cruiser before completion.  Fortunately, Roger has transferred his work on the builders manual to me for further development and sharing with other builders.  I have reviewed the manual and found the work to be outstanding and worth sharing in it's current status.  Many of the drawings have not transferred to HTML correctly and will need to be redone.  Some sections do not currently have all the needed photos and/or drawings.  These sections will be updated as I can get to them.  I would also like to open this up to the other builders to help me with upgrading this work to make it the complete and illustrated builder's manual that will assure all builders of their successful completion.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roger for his outstanding work.  I know that this represents many hours of hard work on your part.  I also have a great appreciation for the time and work you have put into your project and the loss you must be experiencing at having to sell it.  Thank You!

Some of these sections are rather large, have a large number of illustrations and/or photos, and will take a considerable amount of time to load to your screen.  No apologies will be made because the value of this manual should make it worth the wait.  If you are a potential builder, this manual should be more than enough to convince you that YOU can build a KIS Cruiser.  

The current plan is that updates to this manual will take two forms.  

The first will be standard updates to bring the manual to a complete status according to the factory manual with factory approved additions or modifications. These updates will be totally incorporated into the existing text and images where appropriate.  They will not be highlighted in any special manner but will become an integral part of the manual.  This will include image files which fit the current text and all approved updates.  A substantial increase in image files will be utilized to illustrate the current text to help eliminate confusion.  

The second will be builder supplied modifications or hints not specifically approved by the factory.  All updates of this type will be highlighted in a different color text and type style.  Where appropriate these changes will include image files and / or be links to separate web pages.  They may also include links to separate web sites if the site content lends support to the builder.  Builder supplied updates will be credited to the builder unless otherwise requested.  All builders are encouraged to help in this process.  If you have a hint that others could use, please share it.

The only payment expected for this service is that you help with your suggestions and updates to this manual. My first priority will continue to be the construction of my on KIS Cruiser.  I will need your help to do a good job on this manual.  If you think it is worthwhile, chip in and give me a hand.  If  you do not, I will remove this manual and continue as before. I do not plan to maintain the updates in the word document format since it would require continuous updates in both formats and would be very time consuming.  If you must have a printed copy, you will need to print from the web page.  Please let me know what you think.

Note:  Check out the Wing Assembly section.  This section appears to be the most complete and shows the value of the added illustrations and photos that Roger has added.



Horizontal Stabilizer & Elevator:

Wing Assembly:

Flaps Assembly:

Aileron Assembly:

Rudder Assembly:

Push Pull Tube Assembly:

Steerable Nose Gear:

Firewall Forward:

Instruments & Electrical

Final Assembly:

Weight and Balance:

As you can see there are still some sections to be done and much work still needs to be done on the existing sections.  Other builders are encouraged to contribute to the completion of these manuals.