Photo Description

Building a KIS Cruiser Wing


Bill Schertz, March, 1999

Grounded Fuel Cap

I believe that grounding the fuel filler cap is a proper thing to do. John Petrie mentioned shoving a wire through the foam from the filler cap to the bay outside the cap. Here is a sequence of photos that shows how I did this, the installation came out fairly neet.

1. I first cut a hole ~the same size as the removable cap, then centered the assemble in the hole, and marked for the rim. The inner skin and foam was removed, leaving a flange of fiberglass for the rim to sit on. By having the through hole cut, there will be less sanding of skin away upon completion of the wing.

2. I rivited a piece of braid onto the rim of the flange, drilling through the flange and the spade lug of a crimpon connector (which I soldered). On the other end, I did the same with a 6-32 bolt. I cut a slot for the braid to fit in.

3. I placed the assembly into the hole/recess and the braid into the slot, covered with micro to make a smooth transition, and put two layers of bid over the micro.

My ground wire can now be connected to the 6-32 screw upon completion of the wing.