Photo Description

Building a KIS Cruiser


Bill Schertz, December, 1998 - 200?

Note:  This section contains photos and narrative provided by Bill Schertz.  You will find some of the best detail photos and construction hints available anywhere.  I am personally very thankful to Bill for his wing construction section which I found very helpful to me during my wind construction.  Thanks Bill, and keep them coming.

Bob Reed

Center and Wing Spars
Construction Jig - Filler Blocks & Spar

Wing Spar / Fuel Bays

Fuel Guage / Wing Tie Down

Lower Skin Preparation / Access Panel

Measuring Fit of Bottom Skin

VOR Antenna - Fuel Bay Seal - Closeout
 Grounded Fuel Filler Cap
Landing Light Installation Proceedure
Flap Modifications
Fitting Flaps

Vertical Stabilizer

Center Consol Details
Front and Rear Seat Details
Converting Piper Rudder Pedals for use
Elevator Idler Arm Assembly
Overhead Console
Control Stops
Door Locks (Hendricks Locks)
Door Locks Addendum
Retractable Steps (Hendricks Mfg.)

Instrument Panel & Glareshield
Misc Details
Fuselage Underside Fairing Details
Elevator Extension - Another Example

Fiberglass Cutting Table
Access Cover Construction
Spiral Tubing Cutter
ELT Antenna Construction
Fuselage Turning Jig
Door - Sealing the door hinge