Bill Grote - TR-4 Factory Demonstrator

Bill Grote's new plane is nearing completion.  Bill will be using his plane as the new factory demonstrator.  I think it will draw considerably more attention with that wild paint scheme.  Looks real good!  It will be the first powered by the Continental IO-360 engine.  Should be a real screamer.

A real proud papa...with good reason.

Nice looking interior too.

It's really got some great lines.  Beautiful airplane and I can't wait to get a chance to fly it.

NOTE!  The following index is to photos of the construction process on Bill's plane taken by Bob Rosenbloom.  I have used his photos to produce reduced size photos for quick viewing.  They are organized as closely as possible to the following catagories and captioned for identification.  

Construction Photo Links
Landing Gear Fuselage                   Front & Rear Seats   Controls    
Instrument Panel       Engine Wings   Tail Section