Alfred Rosa - TR-4 Builder

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Al Rosa has modified the inboard portion of his wings by cutting out a section of the wing flaps and
attaching it to the wing with 1/2 inch plywood ribs to provide a solid wing walk area that will allow a
step up to the wing without damage to the wing flaps.  Great idea!

TopLeft - F 1/2" plywood ribs and one row of 1/4"
bracing in place. Note the 1 1/4" holes for torque tube.
Top - Ribs and all bracing in place and glassed for strength and proofing.  Bottom 5-ply pre lam skin bonded
Torque tube, bearing hanger and actuator arm in place.
Left - Top skin of 8-ply pre lam bonded and glassed to
wing and ribs.  Note recessed flange on flap that mates
with wing walk.
Left Bottom- Flap and wing walk mated.  Flange prevents
over raising the flap.
Bottom - Finished rear wing walk extension with flap at
about 30'.  Flap was shortened to 75" to allow a 16" wing
walk.  My hangar is a big old barn that I share with hay
bales and bats.