Alfred Rosa - TR-4 Builder

Baggage Compartment Access and Door

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Attached are some photos showing my simple latch design for the baggage door. I assume the concept will work as well with the main doors but have yet to try it. The pin travel is 1 1/2"+ and travels through square tubing imbedded in the door.

The hardest thing is filing those square holes in the handles, nylon bearings and actuator. I got 3 key locks from McMaster Carr, all with same key. The handle on the inside is for use as an emergency escape hatch.

Baggage Compartment Opening in Fuselage

Outside view of compartment door.

Inside View of Compartment Door with Latch in place.

Outside view of Latch.

With Latch Pins Retracted

Inside View of Latch mechanism retracted.

Inside view of Latch mechanism extended.